Work Winning Construction industry Management Consultancy

MarketingWorks, a leading Work Winning construction industry management consultancy, has helped numerous construction organisations to embed work winning best practice, helping them to move from reactive project-centricity to proactive client-centricity and thereby to win more work. MarketingWorks has provided services for over 1000 construction firms, including 9 of the top 20 contractors and 5 of the top 10 consultants.

Revitalising Win Work Capability

jigsaw As part of its stewardship role, the board of any organisation is ultimately responsible for managing all of the risks it faces. Organisational risk initiatives often give insufficient focus on managing the risks associated with the opportunity pipeline and the activities that feed into the pipeline.

Client Relationships and Research

pen and paper Developing proactive plans and a client focused culture that contribute to your clients' objectives whilst increasing cross-selling and improving service delivery, satisfaction levels and overall profitability.

Work Winning Business Improvement

chess board By improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of your Work Winning activity, you will develop clarity and understanding of clients' needs, thereby improving your win rates and persuasive written material.

Skills Refreshment and Training

globe puzzle The MarketingWorks Business Development Workshops are designed purely for the construction industry to refresh skills and encourage best practice approaches to all aspects of developing new business.

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